Tinnitus can be a mild temporary annoyance or a chronic condition that devastates quality of life. Treatment for tinnitus begins with identifying the cause.

Sore Throat

Is that sore throat caused by a cold or allergies? Get answers to your questions at LENTS.


Hoarseness can be the result of a disorder in the vocal cords of the larynx. Get your normal voice back with caring treatment from the throat specialists at LENTS.


Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) can happen to anyone of any age. The throat doctors at LENTS can help with medical therapies while working with you to identify diet and lifestyle changes to reduce your symptoms.

Stuffy Nose

Stuffy noses can be the result of uncontrolled allergies or the common cold. Allergy and other testing can determine the cause of your stuffy nose and get you breathing freely again.

Loss of Smell

The loss of smell can be a part of the aging process. It can also be a symptom of allergies or sinusitis. Let the ENT doctors test your ability to smell and determine the cause of your loss of smell.

Nose Bleeds

Nose bleeds can be common when humidity is low. While that’s not often in Baton Rouge, there are other conditions that can cause nose bleeds.


Persistent swelling of the tissues lining the sinuses is a symptom of an underlying condition. Treating the sinusitis successfully requires careful diagnosis, like that you will find at LENTS.

Ear Infection

Chronic ear infections are not only painful, they can cause permanent hearing loss. Surgical and medical interventions stop the infections and protect your hearing.

Allergy and Sinus

Get to the bottom of your allergy and sinus problems with a professional diagnosis and treatment plan.