Patient Reviews & Testimonials

An Amazing group of Doctors. I really thank God for Dr. Cheryl Braud……The staff there are all awesome!

Vickie L.

Great bedside manner and has the ability to easily explain medical conditions in simple terms. Wonderful doctor that performed a successful surgery on my daughter’s injury.

Patient of Dr. Hansbrough

Dr. Mitchell deftly solved my ear problem with no wasted motion. Checked out other things so as not to overlook other possible issues. Professional, courteous, knowledgeable.

Patient of Dr. Charles F. Mitchell

5-Star Review for Tubes & Adenoids

Patient of Dr. Elise Scallan

Wonderful doctor! Spent so much time with my daughter to make sure he diagnosed her correctly. He was not in a hurry and made us feel so comfortable.

Patient of Dr. Jon Traxler

Very friendly, took time to listen and examine fully. Felt like he really cared.

Rick, Patient of Dr. Stanley Peters

Dr. Peters always shows genuine concern for whatever issue I’m having. He listens intently and doesn’t ignore anything said and asks questions. If a certain treatment doesn’t work the first time, he’s adamant on getting me better. I’m always pleased with Dr. Peters.

Patient of Dr. Geoffrey Peters

Dr. Leblanc is very knowledgeable, gets you better quick and doesn’t mess around. He is also very good about keeping everything on schedule so patients don’t wait in the office for extended periods of time. I have been seeing him for over 10 years!


Dr. Fazio has taken wonderful care of everyone in my family for 16 years. He leads his staff by example, providing a caring, professional and experienced environment. They are all awesome!

Melissa W.

Such a great doctor and staff! They did everything possible to make me as comfortable as possible for my sinus surgery. Less than a week later and my life has changed!

Laura S., Patient of Dr. Ryan Boone

Got an appointment quick. Great visit with doctor and nurse and got results.

Kim P.

Very polite and pleasant staff. Went in to have nasal cauterization and the Dr. Was not hurried. Didn’t just swab my nose and send me on my way. He was inquisitive about my medical history and my current condition ready to listen and converse with a pleasing attitude.


Dr. Breaux is highly knowledgeable and always takes time to listen and respond to you as a patient. I never feel rushed in his office as in so many other doctor’s visits. He thoroughly explains how to use the prescribed medication as well as what is going on with the condition in my ear. I never mind the extra minutes that I may have to wait because I know that he is listening and explaining to his other patients too.


My daughter suffers with seasonal allergies and had enlarges tonsils and adenoids. Dr. Walton preformed her surgery for removal of her tonsils and adenoids. However, she still was suffering with severe congestion due to her allergies. He worked with us until we found a treatment plan that worked for her! He is great! Highly recommend.


I have been seen Dr. Sutton for over a year now and his absolutely the best ENT ever. He did my sinus surgery a year ago and I recovered so quickly without any swelling or pain. The staff is so amazing. Very sweet and willing to help. I give them 10 for sure!

Paulette N.

We have always received great care for our allergy, sinus, and ENT needs from Dr. Montelero. We are thankful to have such a knowledgeable resource to help us. Very friendly and helpful staff means a lot when you don’t feel well. Thanks!

Julie P.

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